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  • Life

    Finding Light In The Little Things!

      Hello,   Well, after our much-deserved Autumn gift of sunny days someone up there has started to turn the gas down (obviously saving money) and we on earth are reaching for extra layers…

    October 17, 2021
  • My Weekly

    Chelsea Flower Show

    Hello, All excited sitting down to write because I’ve just returned from the intoxicating atmosphere of Chelsea Flower Show. Over the last few weeks, I’ve watched The Royal Hospital Garden transformed from a park…

    October 2, 2021
  • Books

    NEW BOOK – How to Age Well: The Secrets

    Who woke up and said, “I want to age?” No one. ‘How To Age Well: The Secrets’ is packed with my thoughts, experts I’ve spoken to who inspire me and recommended reading for your…

    September 30, 2021
  • My Weekly

    Autumn is on the way in!

    Hello, Well, I’ve spent this week finishing off my book titled ‘How To Age Well’ which will be out at next month and already fretting over things I just didn’t have room, I knew…

    September 15, 2021
  • My Weekly

    The De-pack from Holiday!

    Hello,   So I’m finally back from the land of, ruins, churches, feta cheese, the colour colbert blue and now performing all those ‘coming home’ rituals, beginning with a proper cup of tea, plant…

    September 13, 2021
  • My Weekly

    Off to the Aegean Sea!

    Hi,   Well, I’m packing and jumping into the Aegean Sea headfirst with as much luggage as I can cram into my weightless case because traveling light is not my thing, cases have wheels…

    September 5, 2021
  • My Weekly

    I’ve Got A Must Read For You

    Hello,   A few thoughts going around in my head I want to chat about and one which I’m bursting to share with you is about a book that everyone over 50 should own,…

    September 4, 2021