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What bliss

August 7, 2011

blog-bliss-hot-salt-scrub12359I  recently popped into the Bliss Spa at the ‘W’ Hotel in Miami. The lovely thing about this chain is their consistency; wherever you are you know what you’re going to get. I came out with a product that made my skin feel so soft – it’s called ‘Hot Salt Scrub with Rosemary and Eucalyptus’. You rub in a circular motion all over a dry skin and then shower off. Great to do anytime but definitely before you start on your holiday tan.

The DIY version of this product is olive oil and table salt which is a little messier but does the job beautifully! First rub olive oil into your skin then take cheap table salt and rub generously in a circular movement into the oil, removing all that dead skin. Tip: Do the ‘rubbing’ in a shower cubical or standing in the bath to save you the mess of cleaning up.

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