Vanity and Fear!

July 31, 2021


I always look forward to my Thursday chat with our Editor Stuart about the articles he and the team are working on and this week in relation to one of them he asked me a question which I answered very quickly and as you and I have learnt by now those quick reactions good and bad are the honest ones. They are the answer we come out with before going into some long explanation where we try to sound well rounded and thought provoking. The question Stuart posed was – When it comes to choices under the heading ‘Wellbeing’ how do you keep yourself motivated? The quick Turner answer was vanity and fear! Stuart laughed and said you’d better write about it then.

So, let’s start with vanity because it’s often, and I believe wrongly, used as a derogatory term. Admittedly, it’s a word of scale beginning with a healthy general pride in your appearance, sliding up to a level that ‘controls and suppresses a person’s development forcing them to make frightening judgments based on only one dimension’! But I’m interested in the little drop of vanity that, to its owner, is a precious ball of motivation propelling them to make wise choices about how they wish to present themselves to the world and in doing so, gives them a quiet confidence, not a cocky confidence, just a quiet glow, possibly linking to ‘The Law of Attraction’. In its simplest terms this is a philosophy suggesting that a positive attitude brings positive results while negative ones… yes, you’ve guessed it. Paul McKenna once told me, and I’ll never forget, that “misery finds misery”. I’ll help anyone, but if after my best efforts they won’t help themselves I have to put distance between us otherwise they will sap my energy and I have too many people relying on that, including me. (My friend calls them ‘mood-hoovers’ – we all know those people that hoover up any positivity, be careful not to let these people drag you down.)

The second emotion driving my wellbeing is ‘fear’ and its fear of ill health. I’m the worst patient and even a common cold I see as a complete inconvenience, so anything I can do to keep myself healthy I will. Mostly Wellbeing comes down to making wise choices and if you are a regular reader to this magazine its packed with those. So, my tip this week is to read and take on board as many as you can and give yourself the best chance of living a healthy life because it’s so precious and at our age we’ve done the rehearsals – this is Showtime.


Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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