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Tribute to Digger

February 4, 2011

blog-diggermainimageSadly we have come to the end of our time with the beautiful, funny, mischievous Golden Retriever we call Digger. He has fought the most amazing battle with Cancer but this distractive disease which affects humans and animals has won. I can’t describe the pain we, as a family, are going through and how his death is affecting me and my husband and Digger’s brother, Buddie, who is showing signs of missing his sibling .  They are our babies, they are part of what makes us a family. Some people I know don’t understand how humans and animals can be so attached but those who do will know that the grief is strong and at the moment tearing my heart out.

Digger and Buddie were born in February 1999 and had a showbiz start in life. My friend Simon Jay, who was a makeup artist at GMTV, had a sideline, when he wasn’t whacking mascara on Lorraine Kelly, Penny Smith and myself he and his partner Nick bred Golden Retrievers from their home in Cornwall. I had always said to him “The moment I leave London I’ll be on the phone”.

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