Tis the season to wash the dishes…

January 5, 2012

blog-dogdishwasherToday I have been like a woman possessed my mission to vanquish Christmas! It is only when the last bauble is down and the fridge has been cleared of turkey remnants that my head is clear to take on 2012. As much as I might enjoy the festive season my God am I glad to see the back of it! My friend Sally and I are at the moment undecided on which of us takes the trophy for loading and unloading dishwashers it truly seems to be the only thing we both did for a least 3 days. In between this repetitive reflex action I managed to read in the Daily Mail about all the lucky ladies who were taking Christmas on horizontally in ‘Ba’ (Barbados to you and me) for a moment I took myself to this parallel universe of dreams until my dog shook himself in the middle of the kitchen and flicked mud everywhere. Ba!!

(Found this hilarious pic on the web. Now, about my dog and all that mud…)

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