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November 21, 2021


I have two things to talk about this week and the first is a Christmas announcement which I proclaimed with great conviction over the weekend and it’s this, “I’m going to enjoy Christmas this year” I have firmly put this intention out to the Universe, and together we will make it happen. The problem with Christmas is it hits you on top of every other plate you are already spinning. It isn’t like a carousel that stops, you get off sort out Christmas have a lovely time then you get back on and resume life. No, it takes up every extra hour you didn’t have in the first place and if you’re not careful that creates stress and resentment.

Generally, and I’m not being sexist it’s just fact, women sort Christmas out and in our bid to please everyone around us we make work for ourselves. I often say if celebrating the baby Jesus’s birthday was up to chaps, there’d be no cards, everyone would get a gift token, Christmas lunch would take place in the pub, with the local vicar popping in to hand out crackers and say Grace. After pudding home for a film, brandy, tin of Quality Street and a lovely snooze all done and dusted. So how do we enjoy it? There’s only one way organisation, planning, keeping it simple, delegating jobs and not being guilt tripped by others showing off i.e. life it truly too short to make your own Cranberry Sauce when that lovely Mr Sainsbury will do it for you. My other tip if you find Christmas emotionally challenging is don’t put your head in the sand and think it’ll go away, it won’t that Christmas train is coming, it will be on time and if you haven’t made a plan, it will crush you and you can’t let that happen. So, if this is relevant, take my words and take control immediately, be the driver not the passenger or even worse the person on the track waiting to be knocked over.


My other thought while writing is to do with the clear message which has jettisoned from COP26 unless large companies make drastic changes there is only so much you and I can achieve through our domestic efforts. We’ve got the memo, we’re recycling, making wise healthier food choices, eliminating harmful chemicals from our homes, using public transport where possible, thinking sustainable fashion rather than throw away, insulating our homes which has always made sense because we’re saving money on heating bills, using our own shopping bags the list goes on but one monster of a mess which is in our grasp to change quickly is to back MP Fleur Anderson on her bid to ban the usage of the 11 billion wet wipes used every year in the UK 90% of which contain plastic that causes untold damage to our water system (300,000 blockages a year) and globally kills 100 million marine animals. This doesn’t fix everything, but companies only make what we buy so let’s stop buying and show them whose boss.



Anthea x


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