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The De-pack from Holiday!

September 13, 2021



So I’m finally back from the land of, ruins, churches, feta cheese, the colour colbert blue and now performing all those ‘coming home’ rituals, beginning with a proper cup of tea, plant check, and a whitewash. I like returning home from any trip to be a seamless transition so before traveling I run round like a crazy woman making sure everything is clean and tidy, because who wants to open the door to chaos, not me.

I spoke last week about how I hold onto Summer until the very end only discarding my flip flops when my feet turn blue with cold, I’ll continue to do this but can’t deny as I put away my colourful holiday clothes, I’m looking forward to pulling out a few Autumnal tones which, for the short while I have it, will look good on my ‘light’ tanned skin gained through a shroud of Factor 50.


I’m not sure I ‘get ready’ for Autumn its more of a gradual visceral transition, the need for warmer layers, the thought of soup sounds like a good idea because root vegetables are looking at me everywhere. Human emotions react to colour and the beautiful tones Autumn throws out are a game changer, I love with a passion the four to six precious weeks we have when the trees like traffic lights turn from green through to red, I even catch myself praying the wind machine up there in the weather department keeps it setting on low so, a little like Spring blossom, we keep them for as long as possible. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a country that doesn’t have definitive seasons?  They punctuate our life, from lifestyle to events to wardrobe choices to our conversation, so let’s savour and enjoy all of them, even on a drizzly cold day, because without them we’d all have terrible wrinkles – And on that subject I want to introduce you to a product I have tried and tested thoroughly. It’s well documented now that to hold onto our youthful bloom a good everyday SPF 30 – 50 is essential and this one  I’m obsessed with because

  1. It doesn’t resemble Tipex
  2. Its inexpensive
  3. Leaves not a mark on your clothes
  4. You can wear under makeup
  5. Raises money for a great cause.

‘Altruist’ is a no-nonsense product created by Kent based Consultant Dermatologist and skin cancer specialist Dr Andrew Birnie to reduce the trauma of Africans born with Albinism. The sun for Albinos is a cruel environment and with no protection due to poverty and a lack of education many die a horrific death from skin cancer or attacks from Witchcraft practitioners. Check out their website and I promise you this is the sun cream you will always have in your cupboard to use even on a dull day in Britain.


Love Anthea x

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