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The crazy life of Soho

February 10, 2022


I’m looking out of the window at a very grey sky but honestly bursting to share a story with you about a huge ray of uncontrollable sunshine that is bathing the lives of four friends bringing them heart-bursting happiness. None of them knows each other and unless I arrange it, are unlikely to meet, but the essence of what’s happened is the same and if you see yourself in this story maybe, just maybe, if you’ve been thinking about it, you’ll do it.  A dog has walked into their lives, become their fur baby and stolen their heart. And what’s the point of having a heart, if you can’t give it away?

I say ‘walked’ into their lives because I think animals do and sometimes when you’re least expecting them.

As I write to you, I’m looking at Soho our crazy little French Bull Dog having a well-deserved nap after his hectic morning of responsibilities. These involved waking us up, washing our faces, accompanying us to the coffee machine (where his treat tin is situated) but before I could lift the lid came further responsibilities, three in fact, from Amazon, UPS and Royal Mail. He had to alert us in case we didn’t hear the buzzer then he had to rush out getting to the gate before me to check the invader’s aroma and if all is well, give him a unique four second dance. How did we function without our furball of joy? When I lived on my own so many times, I thought about a dog and in one of my ‘many’ chats to The Universe cosmic ordering exactly what I wanted, I definitely mentioned a dog, so when it orchestrated sending me on a blind date with a man who had a dog, they must have thought ‘Bingo’ that’ll sort her out. I’m not writing to you with all the public information about finding a dog to suit your lifestyle blah blah blah because you know all that stuff I’m talking here about the emotional side the companionship. My two girlfriends are great women successful, busy, one 60 the other 70, live on their own, are really cool but there is a basic instinct within us to care, nurture, look after and animals extract this out of us. It’s so much better to go for a walk with Soho than on my own. Even a long car or train journey is more fun with Soho. Socially I’ve noticed that there are more and more dog-friendly café’s, restaurants and even hotels that have realized its people who are generally badly behaved not the dogs! My final couple are in their 80’s and Rosie the rescue dog, who has plainly landed in clover, has transformed their lives. She has brought structure into their home and instead of worrying about their own health, she is now the focus of their attention.

Thank you, Universe, for listening, although to be honest, I think it’s Soho and Mark who’ve lucked out here!!



Anthea X

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