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The Christmas Countdown Begins

December 6, 2021



Really on the countdown to Christmas now so hope you’re getting through your practical ‘To Do List’ and your emotional one? By this I mean all those people who you think about often, don’t see but always mean to get in touch with. Well, don’t be a teenager, pick up the phone. But why don’t we? Is it because with all these forms of modern communication and social media we’ve forgotten the humble telephone, that amazing invention put into our hands by (amongst others) Sir Alexander Graham Bell that changed our lives inextricably? I’ve just put mine down from speaking to my friend Tess. It was her Birthday, I should have sent her a card but in the melee of life forgot, so my choices were, let it go, send her a text, put one in the post to arrive in 2 days with a sorry written across it, or call her. So, via radio waves that digitally transported my voice into the form of oscillating electrical magnetic fields (still can’t get my head around it) I became part of her day, heard her children laughing in the background spoke to her husband and both came away happy – it was a total joy all round.

Picking up the phone is also very practical. I once had an assistant who spent her day hiding behind electronic communication it drove me wild and goes on so much in offices these days. The amount of times when trying to organise a meeting I promise you, one phone call negates 3 emails, 4 texts, and a What’s App. So, this holiday season don’t be afraid to channel your very own Lionel Richie (or Adele depending on your age group) and say “Hello”

Meanwhile, Internet shopping (spurred on by my broken foot) has proved useful, saved time, money and helped me discover little gems I wouldn’t have found in the shops like Bathboards. This is a board you place across your bath with a hole for a wine glass, an indentation for a candle and a stand for your phone or book so you can soak away in total bliss. What do you buy the chap who has everything, a Grow your own exotic mushroom kit of course!  Another bloke I’ve signed up to a pie club – he will get a meat pie every month for the next year and my Dad being a Cheese lover is now in a cheese club getting a selection box each month with biscuits. Personalised Christmas decorations have been another find, who doesn’t love a bauble with their name on it? Hopefully a few ideas there to inspire you this Christmas.


Love ,

Anthea x


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