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The Art of Packing

July 22, 2021

So, this week one of the subjects upper most in my mind (because I’m a born optimist) is packing, or should I say the ‘art’ of packing because it’s a subject I take very seriously, in fact I will go as far as to say I’m a professional packer because for many years it’s been part of my job to arrive on location with the right clothes, toiletries and activity accessories. Horse riding in France, Rock climbing in Wales, city break in New York, sailing trip to the British Virgin Islands, Cruise, Skiing, Vegas, the list goes on. When you arrive on a location time is money so preparation is everything to be camera ready. But when it comes to my own holidays and trips do I throw all that away, relax and put a suitcase together the night before my flight? No way, my last holiday to Greece I must have started sorting my outfits out a week before leaving, and do I pack light? A big fat no, I book in the heaviest suitcase weight I can and fill it, then make Mark do the same knowing he won’t use it all it which means I’ve got space for shopping. How do I react when I hear the sanctimonious say “I’m a little traveler I can do hand luggage for a week” Well bully for you, my case has wheels hotels have lifts and putting together outfits is part of my holiday enjoyment and I revel in the opportunity to wear clothes that I don’t wear at home, like my bright green Juliet Dunn harem pants, strange looks if I wore those on a London street.

Obviously, I can easily live out of a rucksack when required but still challenge anyone to get the amount into one I can. Essentials I always have are, see through toiletry bags you can get them from M&S and Boot (pic) Mesh washing bags, normally used for laundry but I use them to pack clothes so if we a moving around can pack and unpack easily, small bottle of laundry hand wash, e-cloth together with a little fairy washing up liquid in a travel bottle (stuff always needs wiping) Bin liner, don’t ask but always gets used, scented candle, incense sticks, matches and my Swiss Army penknife. For safety I have a photocopy and a photo in my phone of my passport, tickets and other bits and bobs which might be useful and incase I lose my phone in a notebook I have a collection of emergency numbers and again passport number and anything else that could possibly get me out of trouble. And while I’ve got you one final is a rant of mine, why do people when traveling dress like they’re in an episode of Goggle Box, are they devoid of standards. If you want good service and maybe little extra niceties, be charming and dress the part, the world is your oyster enjoy.


Love Anthea X

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