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Summer is finally here!

June 19, 2021



Well Summer is finally here; I say this with conviction only because that beautiful ball of heat that hangs in the sky managed to sustain its warm rays over our land for more than four days on the trot! Yippy-Dippy-Do-Da’ how grateful are we? And doesn’t it change our whole demeanor? We flourish, we blossom, our heads go up like flowers instead of being buried down in our scarves to keep the wind, rain, and cold from our faces.

Irving Berlin wrote and Ella Fitzgerald sang, ‘Blue days, all of them gone, nothing but blue skies from now on’. Not literally, I know a cloud is always round the corner on these Isles but let’s lap it up while we can. Lets fill our bodies with free vital vitamin D and mood-boosting Serotonin, AKA our happy hormones which activate in the sunshine. Obviously, in this pursuit, we need to look after our skin.  If I’d been a little more careful, I’m sure my skin would be better than it is today, but boy have I had some good holidays and felt a million dollars with a tan. As we age our skin becomes thinner due to our depleting store of collagen, from 25 we are no longer pumping it out. Not that we really notice this decline until you wake up (for me it was around 57) in someone else’s skin. Three years later I’m getting used to it, but if a fairy offered me three wishes one would be to have the skin I had in my 40’s returned to me (notice I’ve not been too greedy!) Protection is now a must and I do this with a collection of long sleeved summer blowses and shirts coupled with my three favourite sun protectors: Heliocare 360 fluid cream SPF 50, I use a light coating all year round on my face, neck and back of hands it soaks in quickly and works exceedingly well under makeup.

Organii Everyday Organics, is my other find, created by Scottish organic product distributor Graham Hume, who pulled together everything he’d learnt and created his own brand. Last year in Greece I achieved one of my best, long lasting light tans using this product and unlike many other ‘organic’ suntan lotions you don’t look like you’ve covered yourself in ‘Tippex’. The cream soaked into my skin well and most importantly (unlike the expensive bottle of Lancaster I had in my bag) didn’t discolour my clothes. How much do we hate the yellow suntan lotion stains on our whites?

Finally, I always have with me for ease and to squirt on others, a spray can of Altruist. This excellent low-cost protection has been created by British Dermatologist Dr Andrew Birnie and profits support adults and children in Africa with Albinism.

Enjoy your week,


Anthea X


Article originally from My Weekly! 

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