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Sorry for the silence!

September 8, 2014

Well good to be finally back and so exited to be able to present to you my new website.

From my point of view it is so much easier to run, which in turn makes it easier to keep in touch with you, alongside Twitter and Facebook.

Sorry for the past 15 months – I’ve been either totally absent or at best spasmodic.

The truth is I had so much to get my head around I found doing anything other than just surviving on a surface level near on impossible. I know some people find it cathartic to write and share but it’s just not me. I went into my shell, dealt with every arrow that came my way the best I could, knowing that the sun would shine again and when I was ready I’d pop back up.

about-thejump‘The Jump’ on Chanel 4 was amazing and was timed perfectly for me to literally to run away and take part in something that frightened me beyond belief. However, since returning I have been hell bent on mending myself, strengthening my soul and doing whatever is needed to not carry around hurt, pain, anger and negative emotions. I’m not going to bore you with everything now but over the weeks I’ll drop in a few things that if you read between the lines you’ll know why I advocate them.

I have been in some dark places but I’m the eternal optimist. What’s more my compassion, understanding of human nature, love and life now has a much greater clarity. Adversity teaches you things that comfort never can, and the further I stand back the clearer I see it.

The girls are all great. The elder two – Lily and Amelia – are both working, have their own homes and are turning into amazing young ladies.

Claudia (who is 18) has, from the age of 4, always wanted to be a Makeup Artist – so this week she began her training course at Delamar Academy, Ealing Studios which means I’m back on the school run and waiting to be turned into someone who resembles an extra on ‘Casualty’ or Dr Who!

Grant and I get along fine and we’ve managed to deal with the business of divorce without solicitors – Just him and me doing what we’ve always done ‘sorting it out’. We speak regularly, even manage the occasional meal and make sure we still do things with the girls as a family. One of the best days this summer for all of us was Claudia’s 18th birthday. We had a fabulous Sunday Lunch to celebrate and of course it included Della, her boyfriend Steve, Grant and myself. If only those vial Trolls who lurk in the dark hellish regions of the cyber world could see us all!

So that’s it, simple really.

I promise to blog loads and keep you up to date with everything in my world, which is definitely starting to expand again.


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