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So this is 2022!

January 5, 2022


So this is it, 2022 New Year, New You (or just a little bit of editing and fine-tuning!) I am a constant life editor, tweaking and fiddling around with everything from my home to my wardrobe. I believe it is good for the soul as is keeping things clean and fresh. When everything is tidy and free from clutter we twinkle ‘reduce to radiate’

So with Christmas decorations packed away, this is the time to look around your home and make sure ‘bits’ have not accrued in the wrong places and everything is back where it lives and unwanted items have either been thrown away, recycled or donated to a charity shop. And this includes those presents that might have been given with love, but you will never in a month of Sundays use. Please whatever you do don’t put these into a holding pattern at the back of the wardrobe because you feel bad about giving them away, let someone else and the charity benefit ASAP.

Another way to make your home look fresh after Christmas is to rearrange some of your ornaments and furniture or display your new gift if you were lucky enough to receive something you did like! Our eyes get so used to seeing the same things that we don’t see them at all, so display something new or shift things around. Something else I’ll be doing this week to freshen up is to buy a few flowering houseplants to brighten up my home, plants are much better value than cut flowers as they last so much longer but don’t be afraid to say goodbye to them after they’ve popped out their last bloom, because unless you have a greenhouse they just sit around in pots looking sad and that’s counterproductive to what we are trying to achieve here.

Then a little bit of ‘self’ tweaking, so many magazines including this one are full of wardrobe and health encouragement so let them do their job. Buy a selection, make a cup of tea and do a little homework cutting out articles that inspire you and pictures of well put together outfits you can see yourself in. Often, the components you may already have, you’ve just not thought to put them together like the fashion stylists have. Armed with your ideas search through nearly new shops, charity shops and sales, no one needs to spend a fortune and recycling is now all the buzz. On the health front I challenge you to cut out of your diet (as much as is humanly possible) white flour products and sugar, just those two little moves will make a huge difference to the health of your gut which together with your immune system should be put upon a pedestal and worshiped. My Book ‘How to Age Well: The Secrets’ is full of tips, with no flim flam, from both me and a range of experts and I think you’ll find it a good way to start the year ahead with lots of fresh ideas, focus and motivation!  Have a good week and I’ll speak to you next week.

Anthea X


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