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So Britain’s Animals also have talent!

March 18, 2013

Blog-2013Mar-British_animalsOne thing I love about my line of work is the variety… and Wednesday was a perfect example of this. I have kindly been invited to be part of the jury panel of ITV’s new and forthcoming programme, ‘The British Animal Honours 2013’. The programme is celebrating Britain’s most extraordinary animals and the people who dedicate their lives to them.

The animals are selected and voted into a variety of categories, including entertaining and funny animals, inspirational and loyal ones and brave animals that have risked their lives to save others.

I am a huge fan of Paul O’Grady who is presenting the programme and then when reading more about the show, it sounded like something I would certainly be intrigued and proud to be part of. I think my name initially came up as I am an avid animal lover, (I have multiple furry friends at home), but also due to my support of PDSA in the past.

On Wednesday I met my fellow judges where we were shown all the animals that had made the shortlist for each category. It was an interesting and heart warming experience -Look out for the show in April. It’s certainly worth a watch.

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