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Snowy winter

January 31, 2013

What a lovely surprise that was. Everything looks so beautiful in the snow. I am obsessed with taking pictures in the snow, in fact I love the seasons and however much I dream of living permanently in the sunshine, I know I would miss our ever changing seasons.

Convinced this is the year for my beautiful apple tree to bare its fruit. It was a 50th Birthday present from my friend Juliet Timms… and we’ve planned a joint eating when it does!


My log store… more for effect really as we only occasionally light fires, but it makes me feel rural, earthed and I just like looking at it.

I think it will be a long time until these hanging baskets are in full bloom, but I have big ideas for them come April.

I think a bench is a great addition to any garden, adding a romantic element, for being calm and daydreaming. Although in reality, I rarely do – just a fantasy of mine.

This is the very reason my birds are kept happy and I have some of the fattest squirrels in Surrey popping by to say hello. One even comes in and sits by the sink, if the window is open!

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