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Scare the Stuffing Out of Us!

November 9, 2021



Well, the good news is Christmas is definitely happening it says so on my Calendar, Church Noticeboard, in My Weekly and when I popped into ‘Pets At Home’ they had a mountain of squeaky plastic brussel sprouts, Christmas puddings, turkeys and pigs in scarves, all waiting to be destroyed by eager pooches on the big day. However, our trusty British press have recently been doing what they do best scare the stuffing out of us with headlines indicating our festive season is going to be a sad frugal affair due to deliveries being hindered by Brexit our lack of foreign workers and their favorite Sword of Damocles ‘Covid’

If any of these prodding pins are bothering you,let’s take a moment to regain a little perspective and the best way to do this is look at the past because generally there lies most of the answers. A friend of mine who is a successful trader taught me about patterns, everything has a pattern, trees have patterns, this magazine has a pattern, entire countries have patterns, viruses have patterns and it’s by looking at pattern’s analysts predict the future and therapists tell us what we’re going to do before we’ve done it because they’ve worked out our patterns.

So, was there enough petrol, toilet rolls, pasta, tinned tomatoes and flour? Yes there was and the only reason they were in short supply was because media hysteria had us preparing for Armageddon which never actually happened. Admittedly there are a few supply problems but if we keep calm there is enough to go round and trust me, we’re not going to starve. On the subject of toys and the ‘No Turkeys For Christmas’ headline, Lord, give me strength, if it was the nations favorite food we’d have a ‘KFT’ on every high street and Blue Peter proved the intricate Tracy Island could be made out of Paper Mache, a yoghurt pot and a few pipe cleaners.

I honestly welcome a quiet retail Christmas, it’s been a long time coming and maybe in its place we will turn our attention to the real meaning of the festive season which is seeing and remembering people we love. So don’t get your knickers in a twist, go with the flow, keep expectations manageable and as a Girl Guide backup plan, grab yourself a plastic Turkey from the dog toy shop, it might not taste nice, but it’ll raise a laugh as you tuck into a far more palatable alternative. Although thinking about it…….. I should knock up a Paper Mache one out of all those scary headlines, and for glue, use the excess flour I have in my cupboard!



Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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