Root veg

December 5, 2016

sept-08-081I was looking through some pictures I’d taken of food and landed on these.

I adore root vegetables and there is no better time to serve them than now. I make life easy by presenting a medley, easy to cook easy to serve, and delicious to eat

Make your choices and cut as I have in good chunky bites. Add quarters of red onions, whole flowers of garlic and then sprinkle and cover. Don’t soak in olive oil  and add liberally fresh rosemary, thyme, Bay leaves.  Season with salt and pepper then really make sure with your hands (as they are your best kitchens gadgets) that everything is dispersed and covered.

I put mine in at around 180 as I’m electric for 20 mins then take them out and turn everything over again with your hands but using sturdy marigolds to protect the heat getting to your hands. Then back in to colour them and  turning up to around 200. Just keep an eye on them now as all ovens are slightly different, mine would take another 20 mins.

You can tell from my instructions outside of baking cooking to me isn’t an exact science. I once worked with a fabulous Chef in Toronto called Corbin Tomaszeski and he taught me to use my eyes, common-sense and test everything.


Note – I don’t include Roast Potatoes in the cooking even though I might serve them all together on the same platter because the perfect roast spud is a religion to me and has to be done separately and with total concentration.

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