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New Year, Let’s talk – ‘How to Age well”

January 15, 2022



Well in line with our magazine I confess that this weekend outside of wearing my matching Pyjamas (last years New Year resolution to tidy up my home wear still going strong) I have spent waking hours in running around in gym wear while not actually doing anything that would remotely come under the heading ‘Exercise’ The other joy of wearing gym wear is it blends in beautifully with my lack of makeup and hairstyling, I mean who goes into the gym with full makeup and a blow-dry! Also, Gym wear is ‘A Look’ that largely you don’t have to think about, trainers’ leggings, t-shirt, hoodie puffa, GO. Most of the Highstreet brands in this sector of fashion/sport wear have got us all nailed. They’ve burrowed into our brains, know-how liberating we feel in their clothes so now tantalize and bombard us with even more ‘looks’ loosely based on exercise. Sweaty Betty, based on my wardrobe, is probably the best in my opinion. But there is another thought I’d like to put to you on this subject and it’s based on something I’ve noticed about myself when wearing workout clothes, I move better. We’ve spoken about this before and it’s a subject in my book ‘How To Age Well’ I have covered in detail because I truly believe it’s a major key to our continuing mobility as we age and its very logical. If you perform everyday movements correctly i.e. placing your body in the optimum position to do the job you strengthen and tone as you go along. If you want a quick lesson in this stand-up, place your hand on your stomach then put your head up and your shoulders back and feel how the muscles in your stomach immediately engage, then start walking picking your feet up, go to reach something from a shelf without changing your core position. Do you remember those old films of young girls in deportment lessons at finishing schools? with books on their heads? We giggled a little, but I suspect, if they kept it up, their core to this day for their age will be pretty impressive!. If you want to research more about how every moving part of our body affects another, look into The Alexander Technique or go to a class. I know people with chronic back pain who have tried everything who have been transformed by it and are able to live pain free.


Loving the article about self-care remember;

Self-care isn’t selfish! You being happy is doing everyone around you a favour.



Anthea X

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