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New year decluttering tips!

January 8, 2016

Here are some decluttering tips for 2016 that I put together with the team at Good Housekeeping!

1. Always get a tidy friend to help. We all have one, and it is much easier to declutter with a friend. I swear by it!

2. Declutter little and often, not all in one go or you will go mad.

3. Remember to donate as much as you can to charity – it’s such a good thing and it will go to benefit someone.

For the bedroom…

Replace your Winter wardrobe with your Summer wardrobe. It is essential so that you can see what you have got. All the Winter clothes which you are 100% sure you won’t need should be put in vacuum bags. Use large see-through plastic containers with lids so you can see what is inside and pop them in the loft. This also prevents moths.

For the bathroom…

Get rid of unused lotions and potions – they are not ornaments and don’t need to be on display!
Have a bathroom bag for each person in the house and ask them to keep it in their bedroom.

For the sitting room…

Replace your Winter cushions for Summer ones – it makes you feel great bringing out the brighter accessories.
Don’t hoard recipe books. If you really love a recipe, scan it and keep it on your computer.
Donate or sell your cassettes and CDs, unless they are massively sentimental (like Shakin’ Stevens, of course).

For the kitchen…

Number-one rule is to get rid of unused gadgets. I am really tough on myself and only keep what I use on a regular basis. I have a liquidiser, a coffee machine that I use twice a day, a Nutribullet and a mini processor.
Put a price on your space, just as an estate agent would, and make sure possessions pay their way.

When choosing storage solutions, it is essential that it looks good, can be used in any room, and has a lid – that’s why I designed my NEAT range.

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