NEW BOOK – How to Age Well: The Secrets

September 30, 2021

Who woke up and said, “I want to age?” No one.

How To Age Well: The Secrets’ is packed with my thoughts, experts I’ve spoken to who inspire me and recommended reading for your own research.

Why have I bothered? Because I care; life is so short and the older you get the shorter it feels so why would you not want to give yourself the best chance of enjoying it by looking after yourself? We can’t predict our future and the ailments that might come our way, but I know for certain the stronger you go into a problem the better chance you have of coming out intact.

Also, I’m not a saboteur; I’m programmed to build and make things better so why would I by my own hand destroy myself with bad lifestyle choices which in turn would affect those who I love and relay on me?

Many things in the book you already know so let them act as a reminder because it’s never too late for a bit of a tidy up and you know how much I like tidying!! Taking care of our appearance is not vacuous and vain, it’s part of being human, from ancient civilizations to tribes in the Amazon, how we present ourselves to the world is important and a healthy part of our wellbeing.

So come on, never has there been so much information out there: effort, elbow grease and know you did your best!

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