Never a dull moment, even in an office environment

March 8, 2013

Blog-Glass-Wipe-BoardsSomething else that has been keeping me busy this week is helping a large company I know refurbish their office. My passion for interiors has been further invigorated in this wonderfully located office just off Regent Street. My eyes have been gloriously opened to a different kind of furniture.

I have been living and breathing office furniture and some of it can certainly be used in the home. It’s impressive what creative but functional pieces can be bought for the office in our modern day.

The thing that has caught my attention hugely is these excellent glass, wipe boards. They are a piece of artwork in themselves with a magnetic function and price range around £300, although of course this varies on your chosen size. I can see these, fit perfectly in a modern kitchen as a substitute for old chalkboards or cork pin ups. They are glamorous, unique and you can get them in any pantone you desire. With special felt tip pens, which wipe off fantastically, I think even writing your day to day tedious lists on them could be fun. From grocery lists, to chores, a weekly menu or a little note to your partner –They have never ending uses.

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