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June 26, 2021


Hope you’re enjoying the weather now it’s finally arrived, I certainly am. Question, what’s the first page you go to when picking up your copy of My Weekly? Some people make a cup of tea, maybe slip in a few biscuits, start on page one and methodically make their way through the magazine, savoring the experience all in one go. Others are dippers randomly opening pages flicking their eyes around until something catches their attention normally a picture or a headline. I’m sure if you follow star signs there’ll be a pattern, so I throw mine into the ring, I’m Gemini the astrological butterfly and yes, I do the latter. But there’s one page outside of recipes which I love and its ‘All about You’. As a contributor to this magazine reading these two pages helps me to keep in touch with you. We definitely ‘Rant’ about the same things – Ruth’s picture of a bin surrounded by rubbish could have come from my camera, I’m a sucker for animal pictures and your thoughts on what we have learnt from the pandemic I think resonates across the board especially ‘Living in the Moment’ but what does that actually mean?

My interpretation tends to replace ‘living’ with ‘savor’ so here’s to ‘savoring the moment’ and I imagine, pandemic on one side, most of us if we could talk to our younger self would proffer with bells on this valuable piece of advice. From school, to family events, to people we no longer see or sadly are no longer with us, even our own wedding, most brides worry so much about the event they render themselves incapable of enjoying it. So, homework this week, write the word ‘Savor’ in lipstick on your bathroom mirror (use one you don’t wear and can’t understand why you’ve kept it – don’t worry, it will soon rub off with a bit of washing up liquid) and when you are feeling anxious count to ten visualize your mirror and you’ll find something to savor. Finally, I wouldn’t normally tell you about a trip to the cinema, but I hadn’t been for nearly a year and I can’t tell you the appreciation I had for this ordinary night out, from the bike ride along the river there, to the snacks and of course the film, it was ‘The Father’ starring Anthony Hopkins and Olivia Colman. I was transfixed and I only hope Sir Anthony has savored his Oscar as much as I did this simple evening out.



Anthea x


Article originally from My Weekly

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