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My Weekly! Discussing phone theft!

September 28, 2020

As I write I am wound up like the end of a mop just before you do the last wipe of the kitchen floor – although even that isn’t tight enough! I know phones get stolen every day. Together with bikes they are both at the very top of the “nickable” list, sadly so much so that the police understandably hardly raise an eyebrow.

The drill is, you fill in a form online, get a crime number for the insurance claim, contact your phone provider, and go about your day until your new one arrives – but we don’t. I spent last night consumed with anger, not just about the inconvenience, but trying to understand the mentality of someone who goes out to hurt another by taking something which is not theirs. It was a hot day, I was relaxed and happy but unbeknownst tome, I was being followed. Everything in life makes sense backwards, even my actions on a sunny Sunday on the King’s Road.

I now realise I was a target and frankly it’s given me a wake-up call. Prime targets are relaxed women shopping. We will be giving off a happy, smiley, trusting aura – not the sort of person who goes out expecting trouble. Your default position is, “I trust everyone unless I learn otherwise.” The bag we carry might be the sort you hold, and would put down to free up both hands while rifling through clothes – in my case, a swimwear sale rail.

Totally engrossed checking sizes, maybe moving slightly away from the bag as you check in the mirror – have I just described you? If I have, please take my annoyance and sadness as a warning. We can’t stop the twisted minds of others but we can check our personal security every so often. A cross bag is the safest when out and about; it’s close to your body, you can see it and it leaves your hands free. Couple this with a shopper-type bag and at least you are protecting your most impor tant items – phone, wallet and keys. Also go through the “what if” process. When I knew my phone had been taken, I tried to contact my boyfriend who was nearby. Where was his number? Not in my head but in my stolen phone! I now know the police online procedure, my phone provider procedure, disabling and blacklisting and insurance procedure!

Writing to you has helped calm me down, together with the wise words of someone called Gail at Vodafone. She said, “I know this has never happened to you before but I deal with it every day and my best advice is: you’re safe, your data is safe, so forget it now and just wait for your sparkly new phone to arrive.”

Thank you, Gail, you were lovely but I HATE an injustice.

Love, Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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