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How’s lockdown life?

May 18, 2020

How’s Lockdown life?

At this end there’s now not a drawer, cupboard, even a storage container that has not been ransacked.
Winter clothes vacuum packed and put away, summer ones ready to go but, will I wear many of them? Here is the tough question I have had to ask myself: Anthea, who do you dress for? The sad answer is, as I sit here writing in an old but loved T-shirt and a pair of equally loved trousers bought in Thailand and I should never have been allowed to leave the country with, plainly not myself and I’m not alone.

Last week I posted on my Instagram a picture of me taking part in an online conference meeting sporting a smart top which could be seen by my colleagues via the laptop camera. But pan down and out of shot were a rather dodgy pair of red plaid
PJs and questionable slippers. I named it “upper dressing” – are you doing the same? So now most of your
jobs on your To-Do List have been accomplished, have you found yourself hallucinating about freedom, seeing whoever you want, whenever you want, walking along beaches, rolling waves and cocktails? I then reminded myself the route to happiness and fulfilment is making the very best of what we have in front of us and embrace today.

Cycling has become my exercise of choice but I live in a city with unrelenting traffic… until now. So instead of dreaming about the unattainable, I’m rediscovering where I live and falling in love with places on my doorstep I have previously never seen. Why? Because I’ve been too busy hurtling around in my metal box to look. As a motorist, I hated the London cycle lanes, complaining madly that they held up my “far more important” journey, but never again! I’m a changed woman and see these blue lanes as ribbons of joy and safety. Carpe Diem – if you haven’t cycled for years there’s never been a better time to hop on board.

Nail update – they’re still in a terrible state after the removal of my acrylics but made worse by grating turmeric without rubber gloves on. What was I thinking? To remove the horrid yellow, I bought denture cleaner and while watching The Nest (BBC iPlayer) soaked both hands in a bowl on my knee and they returned to white. Phew!

Until next week, stay safe and, whatever you are doing, do it in lip gloss.

Love, Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly! 

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