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Feeling Worn Down? Me Too.

February 19, 2021

How’s life? I hear on the QT that some readers had told the My Weekly team that lockdown lethargy had been taking hold and they are struggling to summon their usual enthusiasm and motivation when it comes to home life, domestic tasks, keeping in touch with the outside world, bothering with their appearance – the light at the end of the tunnel is flickering.

We spoke about this in my column last week because I was feeling it, so I naturally suspected you might be too. The best word I have to describe this malaise (and one I use often) is Attrition – Oxford English Dictionary definition, A wearing down or weakening of resistance, especially as a result of continuous pressure or harassment. All perfectly normal given the circumstances so please don’t fret. However, if you want to turn that light back on, it will need a few extra watts of energy. The only place I ever unearth it when wound up like a coil is by hurling myself outside and walking it off. If the weather is bad, all the better; returning home after battling the elements makes you feel like a conqueror!

Just to consolidate this prescription, watch a film called Wild staring Reese Witherspoon, based on a true story. Don’t get too carried away though, because our heroine keeps walking for 94 days. By then it’ll be the end of April and we’ll be dancing in the streets – albeit with long hair, terrible roots and in my case, the hands of a gardener who’s misplaced their gloves. The one collection of businesses I wish the Government would give the green light to are hairdressers and beauty salons. The establishments I know are scrupulous and as a customer I feel ten times safer in their environment with screens, sanitisers and PPE than in supermarkets where, try as we might, human contact is unavoidable. Food, they say, is good for the soul – but so are a haircut and manicure in my book!

Moaning With A Purpose – One other thing you can do while having a little more time on your hands is complain. I’ve taken this up as a hobby with my local council – so if you’ve got a bugbear, voice it now. I’ve taken photos of discarded road signs I want removing, litter, weeds, even a tin of spilt yellow paint, suspiciously the same colour as road lines which has stained the pavement horribly. If you have a smartphone you can get an app called Fix My Street. This portal is gold to a person like me and I’m sure the makers are already ruing the day they placed it in my hands as it’s amazing what I uncover on my windy walks!

Love, Anthea X

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