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January 15, 2021

Sitting at my computer with Soho the Frenchie balancing on my knee, I’m thinking, with the help of a fine red wine, what shall we talk about this week? There are two subjects in my head because I tackled them both today, reluctantly at first but once I’d started there was no stopping me and the task was executed with brutal efficiency.

Task One

The Linen Cupboard, or in my case cupboards, dotted around the house. When was the last time you plundered the dark recesses and pulled everything out – and I mean everything – bed linen, towels, face clothes, bath matts, teatowels, throws, blankets… I discovered a few hot water bottles, a new ironing board cover, and a Christmas stocking which would have been very useful a few weeks ago. Systematically I placed everything on the floor for a good overview. Sets of bedding were put together, folded and placed into one of the matching pillowcases so they could easily be pulled out. Fitted bottom sheets were put into sizes, and just for extra ease with a laundry marking pen I wrote on double, king, and super king. Blankets were vacuum-packed to take up less room, and should any little moth think that’s a tasty supper, no way is he using my cupboard as his corner shop! Towels that had started to look tatty were cut up into dusters for polishing and general mopping up. Even a few old sheets were put by for dust sheets – yes, I have DIY plans for this year. Finally a pile of towels went to an animal charity who make use of them for rescue missions, wrapping up injured animals. Smugly satisfied with my efforts? Hell yes! Am I inspiring you?


Task Two

Nightwear. Maybe I should blame lockdown for this, but my attire has become a heap of tops and bottoms you’d think twice about answering the door in! Flicking through magazines have you noticed that Doris Day matching PJs are the thing to be seen in? My stepdaughters bought me a gorgeous pair for Christmas and from the moment I put them on I adored them, but most importantly these comfy coordinated bits of cloth made me feel so good and that’s what I think we have to do more of. So this week ladies, my prescription is to treat yourself in the sales to a pair of glam PJs, put them on and sing your heart out alongside Doris to I Got The Sun In The Morning and then tell me you don’t feel better.

Love, Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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