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Happy New Year! Hello 2021

January 15, 2021

Well, have you taken them all down and had a massive clear up yet?

I can’t tell you how glad I was about 2 weeks into the festive season that I’d faked it – no droopy balding trees with needles appearing in the strangest places. When de-Christmasing took place all I had to do was fold up 2 trees, pop them back in their boxes and hold the ladder while Mark dragged them up into the loft.

As forgeries go, they were The Thomas Crown Affair of fir trees, and after a spritz of White Company Fir Spray very few had an inkling of their true identity. This year we had a monumental decoration clear out, so for once there is less going back in the loft than came down. I have repacked like I’m shipping to another country – all in plastic see-through boxes zoned into rooms so that next year, with a wiggle of my nose, swoosh, everything will be done. Organisation is something that releases you: the more organised you are the easier life becomes. So if you’ve not yet made any resolutions, or “pledges” as I prefer to call them, get organised.

As we wake up into 2021 there is instability in our world: the pandemic, our position in Europe etc, but the one thing we can take control of is our own little world. So pledge to navigate all hurdles to the very best of your ability and wherever you can, put back. Our virus battle has turned us into a global committee and our next collective battle is actually an even bigger one – climate change is real and we are all going to play our par t in reversing it. I have halved the single use plastic that enters our life but know I have to go fur the. This year everywhere you look there will be messages and inspirational ideas on how you can help. Personally I’m all over it, and I don’t know about you, but I need a cause in my life that is uplifting, life changing and totally possible to achieve. Manufacturers have to play their par t and give us choices and we have to take them. My favourite shopping bag which I’m looking at now is made from 8 plastic bottles. The lining of my new winter coat, bought in the January sales, is made from recycled plastic. I stood in the shop dithering between two and environmental credentials swung the deal. We don’t have to be silly about it, but in helping we are in turn saving money so in my book it’s a win-win situation. If you haven’t already watched Sir David Attenborough’s A Life On This Planet, please do. If you don’t have a Netflix account find someone who does and invite yourself round -– it’ll change your life.

Here’s to a safe, green and organised 2021!
Love, Anthea X

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