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It’s Christmas!

January 15, 2021

It’s years since I’ve said this and meant it. I’m enjoying and looking forward to Christmas this year – and the reason? Because for the first time it doesn’t feel like a greed fest. Due to the pandemic, we’ve stared our mortality in the face, been forced to reassess our priorities and collectively come to the conclusion that the biggest presents under the tree are relationships and human kindness. Also don’t forget that Baby Jesus wasn’t actually born on December 25 and I can’t imagine that God, who loves us, ever wanted his only son’s birthday to cause so much stress – so relax!

Winter Chic One thing I relish is ‘Winterising’ my home. Out of the loft this weekend in vacuum storage bags came my winter cushions and throws. They reflect the joy and colour of our glorious British seasons. We weren’t put on this earth to live in hermetically sealed sterile boxes, we are creatures of our environment and thrive when we are part of it, so bring the outside in whenever you can.

Fresh & Fruity

Being a hater of unnecessary waste wherever possible I try decorating with consumables, an idea I picked up from a wine bar in Palma, Mallorca. I’ll never forget walking into a grotto of candles, apples, oranges, Poinsettias and winter aromatic scents, so stunning it’s imprinted in my senses forever. Every Christmas I try and recreate my own little tribute to its beauty. This little idea is a very simple one but as I’ve said before, once you tune into these little ruses you can have a huge amount of fun being creative.

The cheapest clear glass vases work best (mine are mainly from IKEA); you can make arrangements using a collection and display them all together. Find low ones for table decorations. Playing around, I’ve sometimes included baubles that have lost their hangers and nuts with their shells on (yes, the ones that by July you still haven’t cracked!) and ever yone’s Christmas favourite chocolates. Frosting grapes always looks impressive. Mixacupof granulated sugar in a cup of water over a low heat, pour into a shallow bowl and leave to cool. Lightly coat grapes in the mixture, then sprinkle with caster sugar and display until eaten with some delicious cheese. For aroma, no one can beat The White Company’s Winter Home spray. A couple of puffs in the air, a mince pie and a slug of mulled wine – joyous.

Love, Anthea X

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