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Little Update & A Seasonal Tip…

December 17, 2020

Hope you’ve had a good week, I’ve been beavering away but, like all of us, crossing the days off until we’re allowed “Out Out” – a phrase my 90-year-old mum used the other day to prove she’s up to date with street talk!

So, I have a little observation which you might be able to relate to… About three times a week I pop in to M&S for food. Their Madagascan Vanilla Custard is perfection, Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s underwired balcony bra 32DD is “my” bra and as for their Cashmere… honestly with a designer label, it would be double the price. However, something has really disturbed me and it has happened three times in the last ten days: once when I returned something, another when I needed advice on my Sparks Card, and finally the last one was at the food check out. I was asked by the aforementioned delightful staff, all women in their 50s, if I would rate their performance on a website! You know when you look into someone’s eyes and you just know they are hating this part of their assistant/ customer relationship, but they have to ask? The problem is, now I’m compromised because the process is quite long winded, but I want to help, they’re in the sisterhood. So please M&S, for the sake of all of us, assume everything’s amazing, which generally it is unless you hear from me!

Now for one of my seasonal tips.

I don’t want to put the big decorations up yet but I do like to begin phase one which is introducing a little Christmas/winter love through the front door. I bought these tiny firs at the weekend from Homebase – they only cost £6 each – and put them in 2 pots I bought years ago from IKEA. And yes they make me smile – and I think they will make you smile, too. And so it begins…

Lots of Love,
Anthea X

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