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November 12, 2020

During our weekly chit-chat, Editor Stuart asked me to give you a few Christmas tips. Well, I’m your girl for that task, as under my writing belt I have my book The Perfect Christmas which is awash with tips on how to survive and relish the festive season. So this week, next, and all the others until the big day, you’ll get a little nugget from me.

My first tip, however, isn’t in the aforementioned book because it wasn’t relevant at the time. Quit moaning! I, like a lot of us, have moaned daily about Covid restrictions, inconsistencies, its impact on my life and our economy – but no more. Higher powers will make decisions we have no control over – but there’s one we totally do, and that is how we deal with it. So, as of today, I am taking only one course of action which is to stop griping. I am rolling my sleeves up, making the best of the freedoms and resources I have left to play with because “it is what it is” and as long as I’m alive and healthy that’s all right. Now, back to Christmas!

Preparation is key as you don’t want to spend more than you can afford. By starting the hunt now and being imaginative, your money will go further. I’m going to give you three gifting ideas and I promise you, once your mind starts thinking in this way, you’ll fix every difficult present in your life.


Cooking Friend

Into a Christmas carrier bag goes a copy of a food magazine. Choose a dish you know your friend would like, buy all the ingredients; add a T-cloth or any other kitchen item; apply tissue paper, bow, label, and look forward to handing it over.


Girls Night In

Copy of Platinum Magazine, a bottle of wine, few chocolates, bath soak, and a face pack sachet. You can present this in a small basket with maybe a small hand towel in the bottom all scrunched together with Cellophane and a bow.


Doggie Loving Friend

Copy of a magazine about our four-legged friends, Christmas dog treats, poo bags, and maybe a fun seasonal accessory. You can use this formula for just about any subject.

Buy gift bags and tissue online or my high street favourites are Sainsbury’s and Poundland. Cellophane, a presentation must, can be used all year round so it’s worth investing in a large roll. Also, don’t forget about the gift that keeps on giving – a magazine subscription. I do a gardening one for my Mum and Dad every year, and they adore it.

Love, Anthea X

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