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Well I had a rubbish week…

October 26, 2020

Well I had a rubbish week for two reasons. One, I had the back window of my car smashed in by thieves who then got into my boot and took a loved Mulberry holdall. Nothing in it of immediate use to them like money, laptop, iPad or phone – just personal stuff like make-up, hairdryer, brushes, notebook and a jacket. In fact the damage to fix the vandalism was more costly than the haul. I know there are worse things that can happen and no one was hurt but if you are an honest law-abiding citizen, the idea of someone watching you put your bag in the boot then, with intent, smashing their way into your property pains me to the core. The figures of petty theft are ridiculously high and I am a dipstick of a statistic who in the last six weeks have had my phone stolen and bike and now car broken into! There must be something in the air. None of us, when it comes to security, can rest easy and picking up the pieces is horrid both practically and emotionally. Although I am laughing at the thought of the perpetrator trying on my Aviator Ray Bans which have prescription lenses in, then opening what looks like a bottle of fresh milk only to discover its fermenting Kefir that if not opened carefully will explode, splattering a rather sour smelly white substance ever where!


Unsung Heroes

My other “rubbish” experience was far more uplifting – a day out at a recycling plant. In the absence of entertainment, why would I turn it down? What I saw will stay with me forever. I wish ever y human could witness it. My first emotion was total shock at the mess we all make every day for others to deal with. The sheer volume of it took my breath away. Then I met those who, with just gloves protecting their hands, were physically sifting through our recycling, picking out what the machines had missed, or worse, what people had put in recycling bins that shouldn’t be there. We can help them by swilling everything out, but also by being sure of what you are including, and if you’re not absolutely certain, put it in general refuse or take it to the tip. I’d like to raise our bin collectors, street cleaners and anyone who spends their working life cleaning up after us onto the highest pedestal. They truly don’t get enough thanks for the jobs they do, so let’s make their lives easier by being more waste-conscious!

Love Anthea x

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