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Are you a radiator or are you a drain?

October 24, 2020

Yes, I have been having plumbing issues this week, but that’s another story! But back to my question… do you wake with the intention of breathing life into your day, or do you wake under a cloud thinking about all the things that are wrong with your life? When someone asks how you are, a list of moans drip out of your mouth and your glass isn’t just half empty, it’s still in the cupboard! Many years ago I remember watching the BBC TV show That’s Life. You would often see Dame Esther Rantzen on the streets showing the public a vegetable or asking them a question. This particular week it was a very simple one, “How are you?” What was funny, only 20% of the people asked said, “I’m very well thank you, all good.” The other 80% gave a list as long as their arm of minor problems and ailments which was hilarious to watch and never left me.

Don’t worry, I can moan for Britain on a bad day! But for our own sanity we cannot allow malaise to become our identity. To knock myself into a more positive place at the moment I do two things… I think about a friend of mine who has cancer. It’s terminal, she won’t enjoy a well earned retirement with her husband, see her daughters get married or hold her grandchildren. But she still radiates a warmth and interest in everyone else’s lives. Maybe you have someone you know in the same position? If you don’t, borrow mine, her name’s Donna. The other thing I do is to have a good tidy and get ready for the day like I’m going somewhere special – hair and make-up, maybe even go to the hairdressers or have a manicure – whatever rocks your boat. Arrange to meet a friend with the remit of only looking at the positive things in life, and all the others, just take the mickey out of – we’re good at that! Be optimistic, smile and even chat to someone who doesn’t expect it – yes, even the traffic warden. You’re not putting on an act, it actually is you, it’s the other you, and arguably the real you and you’ve just locked the other one away until she busts out to annoy you again – which she will.

I totally believe in The Law of Attraction and Gratitude, so give it a go. Scientific evidence suggests happy, optimistic people with a healthy lifestyle have a more proactive immune system – which we definitely need right now!

Love, Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly! 

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