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August 15, 2020

Well, finally it happened this week! After much pondering, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and leave our shores for – shock horror! – a holiday. I haven’t seen a beach for over a year-and-a-half and am seriously in need of a sand fix. Does this mean I am now studying the history of our chosen destination and creating the mother of all itinerates? Well, sort of, but only so I get the most important part of this adventure right – which is the packing! What I’m going to wear is sadly and honestly the subject that takes up most of my holiday mind. If you told me I’m going rock climbing in Wales or potholing in Yorkshire I’m fine, don’t bat an eyelid, but a trip that will cater for everything from beach chic to night life to Tony Robinson type exploring, all of a sudden this becomes real!

As we sat in the travel agency and locations were mentioned, my brain, like a highly powered computer, was going through possible outfits that would fit with the said situations. I would like to state at this point, having roamed around the world professionally reporting on ITV’s Wish You Were Here, I am an expert packer. But this is my rule: unless you are carrying your own luggage and a suitcase on wheels isn’t an option, there are no prizes for traveling light. When people sneeringly pride themselves with this virtue it makes my blood boil! A Holiday is a change and that includes enjoying every moment of this golden opportunity to wear my “Holiday Clothes” – all perfectly accessorized, of course.



I use mesh washing bags in various sizes to pack everything in, from underwear to t-shirts. They are light and you can see immediately what’s in them, making unpacking and arrange in your hotel wardrobe a slick operation. Also, as the days go by, they double up as dirty washing bags all ready for home.

My toiletry bags are also always see-through: one for hair, one for suntan lotions, another for general use items such as toothbrush, tweezers, deodorant etc, another for makeup, and a final one for bits of costume jewellery. Again, you can see immediately what you have so no need to waste precious time rummaging around when you could be checking out the pool bar’s gin selection!

Love, Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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