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A Litle Honesty and Some Herbs!

July 8, 2020

Let’s be honest, it’s human nature to judge. We might be too polite to say anything but we all do it, especially when we meet up with others. Women are the worst, or it could be argued, the best… “I like your dress where did you get it from?”, or “Who cut your hair, it’s looking great?” or, “You’ve lost weight, what did you do?” But there’s the unspoken observation we keep to ourselves… that perfume smells horrid, or if she wore a shirt that fitted her worn on the outside of her jeans you wouldn’t see her muffin top.

We all do it, and I’m going to confess that one of mine which is checking out people’s feet. I truly don’t understand why anyone would overlook attending to these vital little things that work so hard for us – and at this time of year come out on display for all to see! So it’s time to check your feet are in tip top condition. But if you find reaching your feet a challenge then let the professionals do it for you. I picked up the “pedi” habit while working in Canada – Toronto is famous for its Vietnamese nail bars. If you’ve not tried it, here’s a tip from me – take a pair of flip flops, a copy of My Weekly, and totally enjoy sitting in one of those vibrating chairs with your little digits being pampered in a bath of warm soapy water. It’s a great, cheap pick-me-up that will have you walking on air and feeling super toe confident.

Now something else (totally unrelated) that I for one am receiving a huge amount of joy from since lockdown – and that is growing Herbs. Those of us that don’t have gardens but have balconies or patios don’t take anything green for granted. For me, every pot has to do one of two things and do it well… a) Bloom and give colour or b) Have a culinary use. I can’t tell you the joy I feel cooking when I can pop out and pick a piece of home grown Rosemary, Bay, Oregano, Mint or Thyme. We all need things to care for and nurture, it’s what makes us human, and yes, I talk to my herbs, telling them they’re all looking great just in case it’s true and they have feelings!

So back to my previous admission… all of us grow and blossom with kind words, so the fact that my Moroccan mint is looking straggly… well, I’m going to keep that to myself… Love, Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly! 

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