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September 16, 2022



I’ve always believed if you understand the bigger picture it takes away the fear and trepidation when faced with a tricky situation. When I was a rooky TV Presenter, I was only hesitant and on my back foot if I hadn’t done my research, which back in the day was so much more difficult without the wonders of Google a piece of kit that has changed our lives forever.

The last few days I’ve spent in fur baby hell with my lovely Vet hating French Bulldog Soho distinctly not well. He might be little but incredibly strong and getting him there was a problem. His phobia began during covid when me, not being allowed in, I had to stand outside and hand him over, on this occasion he needed to be monitored, they kept him in and now he no longer thinks Vets are there to give him a tickle and a chewstick they are predators from another dimension, and he attacks like a Tasmanian Devil. This time he was being sick, off his food, refusing water and I had no alternative but to gather up my La Creuset gauntlet oven gloves and go through the drama. After what I can only describe as a fight for his safety, mine and the Vets it ended in a syringe of knock out drops and once away with the fairies they could examine, X-ray, take bloods and get fluid into his dehydrated body. Over the next 24 hours based on the information coming through to me I was able to take notes and research instantly with the help of Google obtaining a full understanding of his problem, which seemed to be a Hiatus Hernia. This knowledge allowed me to have a far more informed conversation with the Vet and total understanding of how we would manage it going forward. Thinking about it there is very little in my life which hasn’t been enhanced using this fabulous bag of search engine information. But like you, I’m an adult so totally in control and the thought of spending hours down blind alleys would be a crazy wase of precious time.

Something else I’ll throw in this week as many of us are suffering from it – Lack of water and the unimportance some are putting on plants. When I was, living on my own after a and heart-breaking divorce, and an uncertain future it was a little garden that saved my sanity. Every morning I’d wake up and with a cup of coffee stand in it, I was lost the plants became my friends, I tended, watered and protected them and yes, I spoke to them. So please water companies and government bodies in charge, never underestimate the power of a garden to mend, heal and look after our most precious emotion our spirit.

We are an island nation, surrounded by water and get rained on for the majority of the year – Sort it.




Anthea X

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