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My birthday

June 17, 2016


So much to update everyone on it’s been very busy with lots of exciting updates for you and some that I will be able to share with you very shortly. I recently enjoyed a fun day with the Hello Magazine team at my apartment in London. I would be hard pushed to call it ‘work’ when we had so much fun – I felt like a child in a dressing up box. Gayle my stylist brought heaps of clothes and a few I couldn’t resist purchasing!

I celebrated my 56th Birthday with a group of friends and family and had an amazing night. I was spoilt by everyone and it was great to have all my favourite people in one room. After the dinner I went to Thurlestone in Devon for the bank holiday weekend – the weather was amazing that place has a micro climate! I went for a great run along the cliff paths and practised my stone skimming skills which are a little rusty!

Note to self – never give Claudia Bovey a camera and tell her to take photos on my birthday again – I don’t have a single good one!

Lots of Love

Anthea xx

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