Mineral makeup

November 4, 2016

mineral-makeup2Ever since I discovered the joys of mineral makeup which must have been when BareMinerals hit these shores I have never used anything else so much so if you handed me a liquid foundation I would struggle to use it.

The fact you can load a brush and swirl it around your face while still on the phone, sitting on a train or in the back of a car and somehow look flawless is a no brainer in my world added to which I can honestly say that my skin has improved since using them due to the protective and healing properties of the ingredient.

I’ve tried so many but my favourites which I now use all the time are BareMinerals, and Pur.

The hard pressed versions are the easiest to carry around and use just about anywhere with the exception of 2 little pots of wonder from BareMinerals called Well Rested and Summer Bisque which my eyes can not do without. I play around with a combination of tones dependant on the season and use to do a little shading. Like all makeup use the right tools to apply and the brushes they supply are worth the extra investment. Their blushers are obviously designed to match however other powder blushers if you have a favourite work equally as well.

What I do find a major plus with pressed mineral makeup is throughout the day to freshen it up all you have to do is powder over your face another layer and its looks as good as when you first applied.

Pur I discovered while working in Toronto it wasn’t available in the UK at the time so I used to buy it from their version of Boots a store called Shoppers. When I left for good I’m surprised customs didn’t think I was a trader due to the large amount of compacts stuffed in my suitcase. Eventually I ran out and had to rely on my Canadian friends visiting the UK bringing more over. So you can imagine my delight when I walked into Marks and Spencer’s and saw they were stocking Pur I was dancing.

All the brands do primers which are definitely worth using but I’m applying Studio 10 Miracle Effect Priming Serum and getting great results:

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