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Liz Earle

December 5, 2014

Over the years I have listened and carried out the beauty advise of my friend Liz Earl.

We first worked on GMTV together when Liz would regularly pop in with her finds and perils of wisdom none of which I’ve forgotten. In fact only this morning I’ve slathered Lanolin on my lips from what seems like the never ending pot because Liz says there’s nothing finer for keeping our lips kissable. Last week we had a girlie lunch and caught up on so much, liz looks the embodiment of what she preaches but I’m happy to let on she adores a kick ass coffee, can sink a few reds and can pack away food baddies with the rest of us, so you see she’s totally normal.

Hope you love Liz’s new magazine as much as I do packed with good advice for the season and beyond.

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