Let’s talk New Years Resolutions

February 11, 2023

So, we’re marching forward into the new year, some of us have specific resolutions others (me) just give it a broad- brush stroke to try and find as much good in the complications of life as we can. Since entering my 60’s health has gone from somewhere near the bottom of my ‘To Do List’ to the top, if not the very top. I’m literally frightened to death of becoming inactive by my own lack of effort, this doesn’t’ mean I’m constantly running to the gym far from it, although I do dream of being one of those women who have the time but the hand I’ve been delt, or should I say created doesn’t give me that luxury, so as much as possible I work health and fitness into my everyday life. The cruel truth is if you want to be lithe and fit for as long as possible you can’t be carrying more than your body is designed to do at the age you are so cut it down. I’ve just made it sound easy, but I know it’s not so here are my slightly bonkers ways that work for me to make better food choices.

I think of the inner workings of my body as a well oiled machine working hard to keep me on the road and the only thing that will implead its ability to run efficiently is what I put down the shoot, where I come from in Stoke on Trent its referred to as your cake hole! When making food and drink choices ask myself are you going to help my machine, hinder it, or make little difference? This I promise you has kept me away from many second portions and the ability to say “no thank you not for me” My immune system has a little cartoon all of its own (I’m The Beano generation) I imagine this vital part of my health as soldiers fighting a war with invaders. They are smart, tooled up with guns at the ready so if I for instance send down ‘the shoot’ a sugary drink they are

covering in sticky horrible stuff totally impleading their ability to fight off germs, flu, coughs, colds. I told you it was bonkers but sometimes bonkers works. Moving and stretching children and animals do it all the time so why do we stop and make ourselves stiff? I’m always reluctant to give specifics in writing when it comes to exercise because technique is everything when it comes to getting the most safely out of a move. But 2 things I’m confident of is stretching done in a very natural child/animal way if you have a cat or dog, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Get on the floor morning, evening or both in your PJ’s and gently stretch and roll around nothing crazy feel the floor start at your feet if it’s easier rotating ankles make snow angels, turn your head from side to side, wiggle your fingers and just stretch and move every limb you can, you know your limits but just keep moving and stretching whether on the floor to shoulder roles sitting in a chair, do it every day. If you don’t use it you lose it and if you trip over the stiff hurt themselves the supple have give in their shock absorbers and come off better.

Love Anthea x

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