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August 25, 2022



I’m writing to you on an exceedingly hot day with the only upside I’ve managed to turn around a record amount of washing due to the sun drying everything faster than I can pull my next load out. To avoid the heat, I walked Soho our French Bulldog early but even that was too much for him and once off the lead he gleefully rolled in its cool muddy waters. On our journey home I could see people laughing and pointing at what looked like a happy but filthy baby hippo.


So, our bodies are melting and so are our finances. Everyone I know is feeling the pinch and looking to save money. I know this isn’t good for the wider economy but there are benefits to us emotionally. Do you sometimes sit and think, what makes me happy? I know what makes me happy and talking to the team at My Weekly and our Editor Stuart, we are in agreement, and the summer plays into our hand on this one. Happiness is being with people we like and we can do this with very little expense, it just involves someone being the motivator for a ‘Get Together’. I have always loved the continental way of entertaining where everyone arrives at the location – be it a picnic in a park or someone’s home – with a dish. This means no one person ends up with either too much expense or donating more time than they have. Also when someone brings a dish it tends to be something they are very good at and more than happy to show and share, so with a few bottles of wine #everyonesawinner

Maybe you’ve said over the last few months “We must get together” then left it hanging and to date nothing has been organised, if so, this week be that motivator pulling people together and delegating your dishes. You will have a wonderful time at hardly any cost.


Now, I’m going to have a quick OTM (Old Trout Moment) –

I was listening to a young Radio presenter interviewing a young television presenter. If I had to slap a label on it I would say it was ‘The Love Island Generation’ – in fact it was one of their topics of conversation.

The question posed by the radio presenter was “How did you get into television” and the TV presenter’s reply involved explaining how she was doing a job where she was ‘depressed’ but managed to obtain an interview with a production company to become a runner which made her ‘happy’ then through various moves ended up in front of the camera. It turned out the job she was ‘depressed’ in was working on a reception!

I suspect like me, you did loads of jobs in your youth, some you might describe feeling unhappy in, but depressed? I’m starting to think there’s a generation who’ve lost that all important underrated middle ground which sits somewhere between, ‘I didn’t like it’ and ‘depressed’. I wish she had used her words more carefully and understood that not every job can make your heart sing, but I guess that’s the old trout in me!


Anthea x

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