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March 30, 2022

Good Morning – I’m saying that because I want you to know I’m writing to you from my tiny office at home and its coming up to 9am. I know ‘Working from Home’ to some is a new experience that came about because of the pandemic, and made possible in practical terms by technology. Even 25 years ago the concept would have either been a nonstarter or just incredibly difficult. But the problem I have with WFH and have always had, is I cannot sit down and apply myself to work until a collection of household tasks have been completed and even then, others are zapping into my head. This morning I made the bed (properly) emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the kitchen floor, watered plants, put a whitewash on, plumped up all the cushions on the sofa and removed a spider’s web with my new extending duster from over the front door. My focus group on this subject (friends) comes back with the firm answer ‘it’s a female problem’ with men largely unincumbered by the affliction. Which is why sometimes it is good for us to take that laptop/ document you need to read/ letter you need to write or phone calls you need to make, away from home. Luckily, with the weather starting to get a little better our options are widening, even to a packed lunch.

JK Rowling is famous for creating Harry Potter while sitting in the Elephant House Café, Edinburgh, and so many places including book shops, and shopping centres, gyms, and community halls have created spaces for people to feel comfortable to create, concentrate or just ‘be’.

One of my absolute favourites on a warm day is a park bench I’m drawn to them like a bag of Smarties and if they are dedicated to someone even more. The Victorians were the inventors of public parks which included bandstands and benches and being a city dweller, I can’t thank them enough. My favourite bench in Battersea Park I first started using during lockdown to exercise on – triceps dips to keep bingo wings at bay are very effective performed on the seat section – but now the gyms are open I use it for the purpose it was indented, to sit on. I meet friends there, have a coffee, make calls, tap away on my laptop and on a sunny day I even take a picnic.


The bench has a dedication plaque on it with the words ‘Laurellie’s Sit-Upon’ For the gathering of friends for stories and laughter and many memories

LAURELLIE BESWICK 3 December 1943 – 17th January 2002


Am I still thinking about my chore list? Well, a little bit but it’s too far away to do any of them thanks to the spirit of Laurellie and her friends.


Find a bench make it yours, just don’t put cushions on it!



Anthea X


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