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Jen has my vote

January 10, 2012

blog-jenvoteI love watching ‘Dancing on Ice’ but this Season is even more exciting as I can champion my friend Jennifer Ellison. I saw her this Saturday looking amazing, toned, fit having worked hard to shed weight for the task ahead. I spent weeks with Jen in ‘The Vagina Monologues’ and I can honestly say the girl is a delight to work with so I know she will be a hit with the team. We actually met years ago though when I was presenting ‘Blue Peter’ and she was a young aspiring Ballet Dancer who had won a National Award. Little did we know our paths would cross again!

Although she’s not done Ballet for years her core strength which is as important to a skater as it is a Ballet Dancer will still be there and give her a great advantage when it comes to balance and helping her partner to lift her up. I’ve had a look at her ‘Fat Blaster’ workout and it’s all based on good sound fitness advice also her interpretation of the exercises are spot on. Looking at Jennifer and what she’s achieved will definitely spur you on.

Good Luck Jen I’ll be voting for you

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