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September 4, 2021



A few thoughts going around in my head I want to chat about and one which I’m bursting to share with you is about a book that everyone over 50 should own, read, re-read, digest, act on and know it’s going to either change your life for the better because it was the kick up the proverbial you needed or confirm and double down on what you’ve always thought and dipping in from time to time will keep you on the right track. To be honest, everyone, whatever age should read this book but unless you are 50 plus you are probably still under the delusionary illusion, you’re invincible and growing old is something that happens to, well, old people and you can’t quite get your head round identifying with that group at the moment.

The book is called ‘The Lazarus Strategy How To Age Well and Wisely’ written by 84 year old Dr Norman Lazarus who is both researcher and the subject of his research. What makes this book unique in its field and the reason I want you to own it is because there is no padding for extra pages, no flimflam, no language we don’t understand, just the plain brutal truth.

I first heard Dr Lazarus being interviewed on Chris Evan’s breakfast show and literally stopped what I was doing to listen properly, and we don’t often do that in the morning because listening to the radio part of our multitasking morning routine. Norman informed those of us standing still for a moment clutching our mug of tea that by 2050 The World Health Organization predicts there will be 2 billion people 60 plus with 434 million over 80  -whoopee how amazing is that? But no, the quality of those latter years is shocking many due to modern lifestyle choices we will be facing disease, totally dependent on noncurative drugs, machines, healthcare workers and family to keep us alive. So, we’re not aging wisely! Our eating habits, mainly to much and the wrong type, together with our inactivity is just banking up problems which will hit us like a sledgehammer at some point or other. Also if something happens which is beyond your control the fitter you go in, the better chance you have of coming out in one piece. He totally debunks, quite rightly, all the crazy diet books and ones where the author sells you the illusion that they have the answer, they don’t. A healthy diet is a long-term uncomplicated lifestyle choice and we who read My Weekly are old enough and wise enough to know the difference between a Banana and a Mars Bar and to the best of my ability, I fill my diet with whole foods. By that I mean unprocessed, not bought in a packed with a library of writing on the back, still in their original form, with very little tampering. I believe if 80% of the time you make wise healthy choices then that leaves a 20% margin for an occasional naughty treat, mine being pasta, a bag of peanut M&M’s, a McVities Ginger Nut, and anything involving bread.


Finally, have you seen some of the crazy great holiday deals to be grabbed now children are safely back at school? Don’t forget that Europe out of Season is a peaceful jewel. The smell of intoxicating log burning fires in the hills of Mallorca will stay with me forever, with no crowds and energy-sapping heat – we see so much more and return calmer and enriched.


Next week, what has happened to good old-fashioned table manners? I’m seething!



Anthea X


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