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I’m in love

October 3, 2014

Not sure how this happened but I found myself literally sucked towards the Aspinal concession of House Of Fraser Guildford. It was such a beautiful day Amelia and I had had lunch sitting outside which in England at this time of the year is a treat and then hit the shops. We were actually both looking for the same thing smart jeans. The ones you can dress up put a pair of high heels on and strut your stuff in anywhere. After much sweating in small cramped changing rooms that needed air conditioning (don’t get me started) We ended up in Armani, dark denim with a subtle gold stud trim. To be honest I’ve hardly had them off, not only do they look good with heels they look trim with Pretty Ballerina pumps.

Then it happened the vortex that brought me towards the Aspinal Letterbox Rucksack, love at first sight and Amelia took the picture. It’s been a week now and its still on my mind,what am I going to do?


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