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I have often said, that the elixir of youth isn’t in a pot of cream it’s in the way you live your life

October 2, 2021



I have often said, and I do repeat myself, that the elixir of youth isn’t in a pot of cream it’s in the way you live your life, and life as we know often involves choices.  Either yes I’ll do that or no thank you, not for me but do we say ‘No’ because it’s easier? I’m sitting here writing to you from a magazine photoshoot with Ulrika Jonsson. Neither of us can quite put our finger on the reason why one day we said ‘yes’ to competing in Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins but like Harrods at Christmas the glow on our faces recounting adventures said it all, it was the right decision. I used the word competing but the only competing we both did was with ourselves. Somewhat unprepared we were jettisoned out of our comfort zone into an alien world, where the only course of action was to get on with it, find our place, and leave with something we could use in real life. Admittedly our adventure was a tad extreme but are there smaller adventures you might be dithering over and should be saying yes to but easier to say no? Maybe it’s something you did years ago and would like another go at? Something you used to love like Tennis, Dancing, Amateur Dramatics, brush up on a language, go on a cooking course, cycle.  For ages, I watched people on Paddle Boards and eventually I plucked up the courage to have a go and loved it. My instructor was a lady in her 60’s who it turned out had only been boarding for 5 years but loved nothing better than seeing others like me enjoy (after a few dunking’s) A friend of mine has been dithering about joining a Yoga class but kept on saying I’m too old, not slim enough, not fit enough, everyone will laugh at me, etc. Finally, she went, booked a course, loved it, and next week she’s off to Greece on a Yoga Retreat with all the people who ‘didn’t’ laugh at her. She’s lost weight, feeling fitter, better, younger, and positively evangelical about her new passion.

So weigh up the odds and unless you are putting yourself in mortal danger, be a person who says “Yes, I’ll have a go” and when you do and love it, the person looking back at you in the mirror will have sparkly eyes and there’s no cream on the market that can do that.

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