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Happy New Year

February 10, 2023

Happy New year, I’m not going to say “Did you have a good Christmas” because the answerer will always be “Yes thank you very much did you?” I’ve had the best Christmases and the worst Christmases, but my answerer is always the same on the bases that if it’s been the later this person doesn’t want to hear my drivel, the season is now behind me, and the magic ‘yes’ is the easy answer which allows us all to move on and moving on is a Superpower.

For all the joy I had putting them up I couldn’t wait to get our decorations down and de-Christmas the house like it never happened. When the last babble was safely in the loft, I sent about my first declutter and major clean of the year, its honestly the best time to do it who’s got time to wait for Spring? During this whirlwind I’d created Mark (controller of all loft matters) made an observation and it was this. Every morning without fail you brush around the front and back door, if it’s not raining both small yards and clean the kitchen floor you don’t speak while you’re doing it, it’s like you’re in a trance performing a ritual. Much as I’d like to say “I don’t know what you’re talking about” I knew he was right, even when I lived in my apartment every morning I brushed and tidied the balcony. So, I had a little Google and if I’ve just described you this is what we subconsciously are doing according to one site I found called ‘Daily Inspiration’ it said;

In several cultures and religions, sweeping the front and back

porch every morning is regarded as an important cleansing

ritual This seemingly simple action has the power to clear

away the old and make space for the new. It stirs up the

energy in a place, clearing out the astral build up that is the

natural by-product of the presence of humans.

Sweeping each morning prepares the ground for the new day at the same time as it deepens our awareness of the importance of letting go of the past to welcome the present. As we clear the energy of our space, we clear our own energy systems. In addition, we create a space that feels clean, clear, and open to all who enter. Be sure to think welcoming thoughts as you sweep, manifesting what you need for the day. Making sweeping part of our daily ritual tunes us into the continuing cycle of releasing the old and welcoming the new that is the hallmark of a healthy energy system.

This was music to my ears my natural action had a reason as does my reason for keeping a clean, tidy environment to live in.
So tomorrow morning you with your brush and me with mine will clean and sort our way into 2023 making room for the new.

Happy New Year


Anthea X


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