Happy Birthday to me…

June 12, 2021


Happy Birthday me! 61 years on this planet: some good, some not so good, but everyone an adventure. For years I used to listen to older people saying things like ‘Your health is everything’ ‘Pick your battles’ ‘Don’t put things off’ Enjoy the moment’ Blah blah blah. I was obviously only half listening because the words flowed through my fingers. The difference is that now I know they are completely true and probably what has happened to us as a nation has rammed this home even more, adding to the list ‘It’s the little things that matter’. (So long as the little things that matter include being whisked away to a gorgeous coastal hotel so I wake up on the morning of my Birthday to a sumptuous champagne breakfast and treated like a Queen for the day – That’s a little thing – Right?)

When it comes to ageing, I believe if you tidy up as you go along then there’s no mountain to climb, just a little mole hill every so often. I’m light skinned, and I really hate the little marks that seem to appear from nowhere on exposed areas of my skin due to ‘age’ and the over production of melanin darkening and clumping together. But there is good news, for a few years now about twice a year I’ve been having them ‘zapped’ using IPL Intense Pulsed Light, does it work? Yes, it does and far more effective than creams, but the key is keeping up with the treatment and in between being a little more skin aware. My rule is whatever I do to my face and neck I now do to the back of my hands and wrists. It doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the sunshine you can, in fact last year I achieved the best most even light tan ever by never going below factor 30 and staying under a parasol when outside. Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that? George Bernard Shaw was so right when he said, “Youth is wasted on the young” Actually I probably was told but was so busy working on bronzing my plumped up, collagen infused skin I could never envisage the day when it wouldn’t look the same. So, with that thought in mind, one day we’ll wish we had the skin we have right now, so take a look at it, love it, stroke it, enjoy it and be thankful for our damp weather because it’s the elixir of youth!



Anthea X

Article originally from My Weekly!

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