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August 29, 2014

In a former life I believe I was a hair dresser! From a very early age I remember having no interest in dolls apart from styling them and, to my mother’s horror, cutting their hair. Thankfully my Father (who has been blessed with the Turner thatch of thick hair) loves his hair being played with and he would patiently sit for hours while my sisters and I would run our imaginary salon. As our one and therefore VIP client he would be made cups of tea and forced to read magazines while we styled, back combed and even put rollers in his hair!

Most of the time you see me my hair is blow-dried to within an inch of its life. In reality it is a curly and on holiday in a humid environment you’d struggle to recognise me. It was Nicky Clark who first took my hair from a long tussled 80’s mop to a ‘Style’ and it was also Nicky who taught me how to achieve the salon look at home. Whenever you watch make over programmes it is always the hair which makes the biggest difference in the transformation. I truly believe you can spend all the money in the world on fancy clothes but if your hair isn’t right nothing will look right. A good haircut with the right colour which you can maintain at home is your most valuable investment.

For the last 14 years no one else has been near my hair with a pair of scissors apart from Lino Carbosiero who is one of the top stylists at Daniel Gavin’s in London. I would (and do) cross oceans to have him tend my hair. He is worth his weight in gold to his wife, children and me!

About Lino Carbosiero

blog-Lino_Daily_MailInternationally renowned stylist Lino Carbosiero is one of the UK’s top hair stylists. Based at the Daniel Galvin salon in London, his talent, skill and eye for detail have been acknowledged by the many famous actors, musicians, models and other celebrities who have beaten a path to his door. Lino started his career at Neville Daniel in the early 80’s, serving his apprenticeship under Daniel Hersheson and Neville Tucker.  He then went on to open his own salon – GERALDLINO – with his business partner, Gerald Monaghan in Blandford Street, Marylebone.  In the years of salon ownership he forged a liaison with the iconic 80’s pop management team of Stock Aitken & Waterman.  Through the record company he began to build a name in the music, television and fashion industries working with Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan.  More recently he has worked on several series of The X Factor and Britain’s Next Top Model. Lino is currently the global spokesperson for Avon International for the haircare range and has also been Style Director for Brylcreem and Laross Hair Extensions. He also works with Hilary Alexander for the Telegraph on the monthly make over page. Many of his professional associations have lead to personal friendships and as such he has been involved with charity events including Celebrity Soccer Six, playing for the Ant & Dec team and in 2006 he represented his country, Italy, in the Celebrity Soccer Six World Cup where his team, managed by Aldo Zilli and team mates Joe Calzaghe and Kasabian walked away with the Cup!

To find out more or to book time with Lino at Daniel Galvin go to these web sites…

Glamming It Up!


I recently did a photo shoot for the Daily Mail and it was a joy to do because it brought together Suzanne Dando, Linda Barker Carol Smillie and myself. Having spent so many years in the business we all know each other and have so much in common but never managed before to be all in the same place at the same time. It was fab stories, ribbing, gossip and female bonding.

The Brief was Glam which always fills me with dread so I called in to see Lino at Daniel Galvin’s for help. Lino has produced along with Annabel’s Wigs an amazing collection of clip in extensions and within seconds he was working miracles. My God I love this man and by the time I left felt far more confident about strutting my stuff.

Ever since Dannii Minogue made her simple bob on the X Factor into umpteen styles using pieces and clip in extensions I have loved what can be created with a little extra hair and am a big fan of  “ if you can’t grow it buy it”!

Claudia & the Current Trend


DIPPING is the latest thing if you’ve got long hair which is basically a light brown. Claudia (who over the last 12 months has been through the shade chart) has done it to great effect and I love the look although totally green with envy, due to age and lack of length.

My Favourite Hair Products

Nothing I use on my hair is loaded with harsh chemicals. Listed here are some of my favourites.



Their basic shampoo Shampure is a favourite of mine.

As I am constantly blow-drying my hair every so often I treat my poor tresses to ‘Damage Remedy’ intensive treatment. On Holiday I always take ‘Curl Control’ so I can just scrunch and leave, when I need to bring my hair back to life ‘Brilliant’ spray on shine always does the trick.



This product line all comes from quality ingredients. You can buy through John Lewis or their own website.

Find out more

Elnett Hairspray


Elnett has been around for ever and must be older than Cheryl Cole! This hairspray really does do what it says on the tin. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a professional hairstylist without the golden tube somewhere in their kit!

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Daniel Galvin Junior


His Hangover range is fab also check out his organic baby range. Daniel, like his father, is a colourist so why colour a client’s hair then let them use products that strip it out? These products don’t break the bank and are available through Waitrose or on line via DGJ’s website.

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