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September 15, 2014

Over the years I’ve thanked the angels for giving me a good head of hair,  mainly because it hides my not-so-attractive ears and my flat head! It comes from the Turner side of the family; my Dad, at the age of 82, is still the proud owner of what my Mum would call ‘a good mop’.

However, when faced with sustained stress what was once my crowning glory was dull, lifeless and literally breaking off. I tried to ignore it but in the shower when washing my hair there was no mistake – it just didn’t feel like mine.

On the surface I’m quite good at hiding things; put your face on, stand up straight, go out and put a smile on your face is a default setting for me, largely because it’s my job but also what do you say? and if you do, your words can be twisted and end up in print as mine have often been. In short I trust very few people with my feelings but this ‘bottling up’ stance also adds to the body’s ability to hold on to its pain. Eventually what’s going on on the inside shows on the outside… skin, hair, nails – they all suffer. The reason is entirely logical – the body has its own list of priorities and uses whatever resources it has to to look after and maintain what is vital – firstly the heart, lungs, kidneys etc leaving until last the outside covering. I guess this is as it should be – nobody died because they had limp hair and a spotty face!

Sara Allison

Sara Allison

Slowly I was forced to start addressing my health, something which historically was alien to me, and amongst the list inside and out was restoring ‘The Mop’. A friend who I’ve known for yeas contacted me out of the blue as she’d started up her own PR Company and one of her clients was a Trichologist called Sara Allison who, after years of research, has devised a programme of vitamin and mineral supplements to support the hair, skin and nails. I’ve never really taken anything of this type regularly and I always remember Dr Hilary Jones when I worked with him on GMTV  saying that if you are generally healthy and have a good diet there is not need for supplements, but if it makes you feel good to have an expensive wee then go ahead!

Well these were desperate times even my hairdresser Lino commented on my diminishing hair.

After a consultation which basically pointed out I was text book stressed (love text book confirmation, it means I’m normal) Sara put me on an intensive 3 month course of tablets and sure enough after about 2 months I was starting to see results. I can’t lie and say it was the only thing I was doing to stop my general dilapidation but I believe they played and continue to play a major role in the health of my hair, combatting stress and age.

If you want to do your own research go to the Hair Today More Tomorrow website:

About Sara G Allison

Sara G Allison founder of Hair Today More Tomorrow and a leading Harley Street trichologist who has created her own product line designed to promote healthy hair, skin and nails. Through her products and consultations Sara has helped hundreds of people, including household names such as Anthea Turner and Sue Holderness, with a range of hair loss concerns. The success of Hair Today More Tomorrow’s products and services have also been praised by the likes of The Times, Marie Claire, Prima, The Telegraph and more.

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