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May 18, 2021

I was delighted to see the fashion craft projects in last week’s My Weekly. How happy am I with a glue gun? Being the 20th presenter of Blue Peter was like Christmas Day ten times over for me, and my crafting skills helped enormously at the audition. I’m dyslexic, so at school, I concentrated my efforts on any subject that didn’t involve too much writing. I have an inbuilt fear of it which to this day has never left me. But standing on hallowed ground at Television Centre with the Blue Peter badge I was awarded aged seven firmly in my pocket for luck, my strange, laughable collection of A-Levels all came home to roost – they include drama, pottery, craft, and design. My co-presenters would swerve the craft table wherever possible, but me? Well, I was drawn to it like a shoe sale. One aspect of crafting I’m convinced of, though, is its calming, therapeutic effect. A crochet
hook instead of tranquillisers?


My mum taught me to crochet in the 70s when we were all poncho crazy, then about seven years ago, when I was a little stressed, I picked up that old hook again and using a very basic stitch started to make a throw. Every time I was agitated, couldn’t sleep or my mind went into the prison of bad thoughts, out it came to calm me down. When I didn’t need it anymore, I said “Thank you”, folded it up, and took it to a charity shop, which sold it for a tidy sum to help the homeless.



I’ve probably now read and listened to just about everything on the life of Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, and feel so sad that many of these amazing stories and accolades personal and professional were not more known or talked about when he was alive. What did hit me, while listening to Radio 2’s beautifully presented output, was how people are emerging like spring flowers and finding their voice to grieve their own losses especially during this last year. I cried and had to ring my dad, whose calming voice, sense of reason, and wise words have seen me through many ups and downs.


Happy Haircut

Are you glad to be out again as restrictions ease? I decided not to go crazy. I’ve just sat back happily watching restaurants with outside spaces fill up and see the happy faces on the people who work there. I have a haircut booked – I quite like my long hair but am scared to death of being referred to as a 1661 – 16 from the back, 61 from the front. But I’m a Gemini so could just say “Cut it all off!” Have a good week.

Love, Anthea X


Article originally from My Weekly!

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